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Our history

Playful and romantic, Buttée. is a French label that was dreamed of and founded on the Montmartre hill in Paris to celebrate love.

It is for the lovebirds and newlyweds of today - those who are poetic, spontaneous, authentic and bold!

We embroider special words on pieces in organic cotton - to be worn before and after your wedding day…and throughout life, or simply to love with style - and offer a selection of accessories for your daily life.

Creations made with love.



75018 PARIS

Tee-shirt "amoureuse." en coton biologique
Atelier-showroom Buttée. Paris à Montmartre

Buttée. Paris was created by another love story.

As she was planning her wedding, Mathilde wanted to immortalise the day and was looking for a nice embroidered shirt to wear the next day at the brunch, to put in the suitcase for the honeymoon, and to keep for the rest of her life. A few months later, Buttée. Paris was born.


Playful and romantic, Mathilde is the embodiment of Buttée.

She draws inspiration from encounters, everyday beauty and love, creating essential pieces for a life shared with your loved one.


She is a dreamer who pays attention to the little things. Through her creations, she invites us in world where softness and white act like a thread.

I want the brand to convey goodness and love.

                                             It is the subject after all!

A Buttée. piece is subtle yet meaningful. Discrete yet elegant. Simple, yet of high material and ethical quality. 


The creator is working on new designs across a range of fashion and lifestyle accessories, always inspired by moments of love.


All Buttée pieces are elaborated with love in Montmartre, Paris and embroidered in France.

Buttée. Paris prêt-à-porter et accessoires mariage
Sweatshirt "la mariée." en coton biologique

The eShop remains open to anticipate Christmas & keep delivering Love & Poetry : )

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